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More 7 Quick Thingies

1. Milagro is getting better. He's obviously stronger and more alert, even though he still doesn't walk. He wants me around all the time, preferably holding him, but he'll settle for lying on a clean towel next to me. What a tough little guy. I really can't believe someone basically tossed him away like a piece of trash.

2. Pico hurt his tail yesterday. I have no idea how, but he somehow managed to get a few blood splats about seven feet up the wall. He's been resting and already he's feeling better, too.

3. Pepper is fine and feeling haughty.

4. The big boys have taken the presence of a new kitten very well. Pico has made it plain that He Doesn't Like It, but he hasn't done anything mean or aggressive, and Pepper is the Zen Master: "New cat? Whatever."

5. We went to Evil Mart on Monday and pretty much didn't buy anything we went there for. We did, however, purchase some dumbbells. This was my idea. I love lifting weights, and I've wanted to join a gym for a long time but things have been so unstable that I didn't want to commit to a monthly fee for it. Viola! Home gym! I've been lifting all week, hammering out a routine, and I LIKE IT.

6. New painting is almost finished. It's the first in a series of paintings based on the mysteries of the rosary. So number one is, of course, the Annunciation. Pics when it's done!

7. Kevin has pointed out there are now more cats than people in our home. I clapped. I've always wished to live in a kitty house.

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