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If I Were Not in the CID, Something Else I'd LIke to Be

I go through these periods where I imagine what else I could do if I wasn't doing what I'm doing now. I've been having one of them lately, mainly because, for the first time in six years, I'm not teaching. I write articles all the time about various jobs and careers, so I've had plenty of time to not only fantasize about a new career, but also to find out some things about them. So here are some jobs I've been thinking about. Not in any sort of serious way. But I still think.

Important. Exciting. Cpmfy scrubs. Can get a job anywhere in the country. Doesn't take too much schoolin' to become one, either.

I always wanted to be a psychiatrist. The first degree plan I ever remember looking at, when I was about 13, was psychiatrist.

Truck Driver
I dig to drive, I dig to travel, and I could get trained for free.
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