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I Can't Wait to Get Old

Tomorrow is my birthday. To begin the festivities, I thought I would compile a list of People I Have Lived Longer Than. Odd and rather gratifying at the same time.

Janis Joplin
Jim Morrison
Jimi Hendrix
Kurt Cobain
Alexei Romanov
Richie Valens
Buddy Holly
King Tut
Sid Vicious
Eddie Cochran
Billy the Kid
Stu Sutcliff
John Lennon (!!)
Duane Allman
James Dean
St. Therese of Lisieux
Brandon Lee
Bruce Lee
Tim Buckley
Percy Shelley
Sylvia Plath
Brian Epstein
Cass Elliot
Karen Carpenter
Keith Moon
John Belushi
Jayne Mansfield
Sam Cooke
Andy Kaufman
Bob Marley
Sal Mineo
George Gershwin
Dennis Wilson
Malcolm X
Marilyn Monroe

and many, many more!

Rather than making me feel sad or old, this all makes me feel rather fortunate to be alive.

I don't get why some people say they feel old on their birthdays, when they're no older than me or even younger. For one thing, old is nothing to be worried about. True, the physical breakdown (much of which can be prevented) is no fun, but you get to totally act however you want, criticize whoever you want, totally freak out on whoever you want, and no one'll do anything about it. Also, you get cool discounts, especially if you join the AARP. I can't wait to join the AARP.

Second, "I feel old" is rubbish. Why? What does that even mean? Most people just mean, "I noticed time passing and it makes me feel sad." What the hell for? So what? The older you get, the more things you've done, the more things you're interested in, the more things you can learn because you have experience. These are not things to be afraid and ashamed of. Who wants to be a kid, have no power, no confidence, no knowldge, no wisdom, no experience, no emotional maturity? I never look at kids/teenagers and think I want to be like that. I think, "Dear god, what a bunch of idiots." Yeah, they'll (probably) get better...THE OLDER THEY GET.
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