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Facebook is Evil

I won't go into all the reasons it is evil (and there are many), but paramount at this moment is the way it makes me lazy about blogging. When I can go on Facebook and leave shallow, two sentence posts about what I'm doing on a regular basis, it disinclines me to write something coherent on the blog. And when we're looking back at the days when everyone had a blog instead of a Facebook account with fond nostalgia, you know something has gone wrong with the world.

Anyway, What I've Been Doing:

- Playing Call of Cthulu, in which we are devoured by the Elder Gods pretty much every game. Although one of our number did come to one - count 'em, ONE - point of actually defeating one.

- Writing, writing, writing. Copy editors must die.

- Going to Mass

- Reading. I finally got my driver's license switched over and am now walling in the joys of the public library. I was already a library-ophile, but having been denied them for six years really makes me go mad for them. Books! Computers! DVDs! Foreign language lessons! (Yes, my local library does this. For free.)

- Been going to (dare I say it?) the gym for the past week. Got a membership and everything. There's weights and more weights and stationary bikes and - yes - A POOL. I love to swim in a way which may be forbidden in some states.

- Been doing a kind of Bible challenge one of the women (who leads our adult Bible study) told me about. Pick a book form the Bible. Read it. Twenty times. Not in row. But once a day or once every other day. something like that. You'll practically have it memorized by the end and you'll remember it all, in context, not just from picking out verses here and there. I picked 1 John. I am a John person.
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